Cadão Douro | Olive Oil Cadão Virgem Extra 3 lts
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Olive Oil Cadão Virgem Extra 3 lts


Quinta do Vilarinho – S. João da Pesqueira – Douro – Portugal


Madural, Verdeal, Cordovil


The harvest is made in a traditional way.

Chemical Physical Analysis

Acidity % ≤ 0.23 | Peroxide value (meq 02/kg) ≤ 6.2

k232 ≤ 1.66 | k268 ≤ 0.13 | ΔK ≤ 0.01


Glass Packaging de 3000 ml

Notes Evidence

Olive oil with medium fruity, slightly bitter and spicy, persistent in the mouth.

Olive oil Conservation

For better conservation of oil, it must be stored in glass containers, preferably dark, or stainless steel containers.

Must be in a cool place, no light (the light incidence catalyzes the oxidation of the olive oil) and away from products with intense smells to prevent absorb.

By consuming, the product should check its acidity and the expiration date.

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