Cadão Douro | Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Quinta do Vilarinho – S. João da Pesqueira – Douro – Portugal


Madural, Verdeal, Cordovil


Harvesting is done according to the traditional methods.

Physical-Chemical Analysis

Acidity %

k268 ≤ 0.11 | ΔK ≤ 0.00


Glass 500 ml

Tasting Notes

Olive oil with an average level of fruitiness, slightly sharp and spicy, persistent to the mouth.

Conserving olive oil

In order to best preserve olive oil, this should be stored either in glass containers, preferably darkened, or in stainless steel recipients. Place in a cool place, without any light (any incidence of light catalyses the oxidation of the olive oil) and far from any products with intense smells to avoid their absorption. Before consuming the product, check its acidity and the expiry date.

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