Cadão Douro | History
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Our history

Located in the DOURO in S. João da Pesqueira – at the heart of the first ever demarcated region and UNESCO recognised world heritage, MATEUS & SEQUEIRA VINHOS S.A.operates as a young and entrepreneurial company with a long working past with the traditions of vines and vinification and related research in the Douro wine making region.

In 1997, its predecessor was founded VALE DO SÃO MARTINHO, Soc. Agrícola S.A, (VSM) considered a pioneer in the Douro region wine sector, investing in a benchmark production and management model and establishing and developing the DOC-DOURO and VINHOS do PORTO wines that promise to become a landmark in the Douro panorama. In 2008, VSM made its mark on broader society as one of the largest port companies worldwide and with VSM responsible for the production of all the ports made by the group while having simultaneously founded MSV in order to exclusively dedicate its attentions to producing the DOC-Douro and Regionais Durienses quality wines, launching a new period based upon our accumulated knowledge and the entrepreneurial and dynamic capacities of a new company.

Based on knowledge about the various regional terroirs, we built our vinification center in S. João da Pesqueira, at the heart of the Demarcated Region of the Douro, thus guaranteeing the best selection of grapes and varieties in the region before vinification in modern and well equipped installations that guarantee respect both for traditional wine production practices and for the surrounding environment while constantly striving to produce wines of the highest quality in competitive volumes, which have swiftly gained ground in international markets and also picking up various quality prizes and awards around the world. Furthermore, this always guarantees the identity of the terroir from where the wine came and hence investment has also targeted the acquisition of vines and estates in various strategic points of the different Douro Vinhateiro sub-regions.

Thus, MSV very much focuses on the origins of its grapes, from vines and estates located in different points of the Douro valley to guarantee the recognition and quality of our wines, harvest after harvest, and with the greatest of pleasure!

In 2013, we decided to inaugurate another vinification center in Vila Nova de Foz Coa in the upper Douro region in order to vinify the grapes even closer to each original terroir.